Rosbuild 2019 Results

15,210 visitors
from 80 regions of Russia and 75 countries

Rosbuild-2019 exhibitors

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Successful RosBuild exhibition at Expocentre is evidence of the fact that business and international business community are no longer guided by the biased policy in respect of Russia pursued by some European and NATO countries and the US. In particular, many Italian companies, companies from Germany and the UK are represented here. This points to the fact that business people in the first place need the development of economic ties and support of their businesses. Expocentre is a major exhibition and business forum acting as a peace and goodwill ambassador in business.

Pavel DorokhinPavel Dorokhin
State Duma Deputy

We decided to participate because Expocentre has a convenient location in Moscow and is visited by the people who are interested in our products. Our visitors were our target customers. Definitely, we will showcase our products here next year. For us, Expocentre is a reliable partner and our chance to find new clients. It is a club for like-minded people who see the development of their businesses with Expocentre's assistance.

Eduard Pozdnyakov
Director, Simplex Facade

We represent wood processing in the Kostroma region. We were invited to participate in the exhibition by the Entrepreneurship Support Center and are very grateful for this opportunity to demonstrate our products at this high-profile trade show. We are looking for new customers and partners. We present unique wooden house building technologies and see a great interest in our products and services. We appreciate the location and equipment of our showcase, with all conditions available for a fair and efficient exhibition of our products. We are going to participate in RosBuild in the future, too. The Construction Week will help unite builders from different areas. The idea to hold it is very important and essential, considering competitive market conditions.

Robert Dadian
Process Engineer, UNI-WOOD, Kostroma region

Our company is a Krasnodar-based manufacturer of insulation materials. The first day of our participation in RosBuild showed that we would get a great number of potential customers, as various categories of consumers, ranging from trading organisations to contractor organisations and owners of private business, interested in national high-quality waterproofing products. This trade show is very well organised. We took part in different trade shows in Krasnodar, Rostov, Samara, and St. Petersburg, and I think that organisationally this trade show is one of the best. People come here to network, promote products and present the latest and cutting-edge inventions. I wish Expocentre many years of fruitful work and progress towards creating the best conditions for exhibitors and visitors.

Aleksandr Sirotin
Main Specialist, KubanGidroizolyatsiya