Experts present low-rise housing projects at RosBuild 2019

05 / 04 / 2019

The Low House Russia 2019 conference held within the RosBuild 2019 exhibition at Expocentre Fairgrounds by the Union of Designers of Russia aroused much interest among the industry specialists.

The conference moderators were Viktor Novoselov, President of the Union of Designers of Russia and Honored Builder of Russia, and Aleksandr Loshchenko, President of the National Association of Construction Industry Participants (NOSI).

The relevance of the theme was emphasized by Valery Kazeikin, Chairman of the Expert Council section of the Housing Policy Committee of the Russian State Duma. He said that the Russian President has set the task to develop, under the National Project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian Citizens", the low-rise housing development program including the mortgage lending system for purchase of low-rise houses.

Valery Kazeikin also told the audience about the development of a low-rise housing social project using state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies. The project was highly praised by experts and won several prestigious prizes.

The issue of the development of low-rise housing clusters as a tool for the development of housing construction in Russia was raised by Aleksandr Loshchenko, President of the National Association of Construction Industry Participants. According to the expert, the cluster-based approach should be a priority in low-rise housing construction. The clusters are useful both for their participants and the regions, as they attract more investments than individual companies, while innovations and new technologies they use in production, marketing, control and financing management give them considerable competitive advantages, he added.

Aleksandr Loshchenko presented the international wooden house building and woodworking cluster in the Vologda region, Pestovsky industrial cluster in the Novgorod region, timber processing cluster in the Republic of Komi, construction technologies and materials cluster in the Republic of Tatarstan, and the Moscow composite cluster as successful cluster creation and development examples.

Architect Tatiana Petunina presented the FLAT system instrument for comprehensive low-rise house building developed by Alkuta, which is adaptable to specific conditions in any Russian region. "The FLAT is the product of the environment priority philosophy in architecture, says the author. "The program is focused on creating a comfortable environment for human life and activities". The company's projects have already been implemented in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, and some other cities.

Anatoly Komarov, Chairman of the Board of the Energy Efficiency Association and member of the Energy Expert Council of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stressed the need of adapting modern projects to specific features of particular regions and wide use of state-of-the-art technologies in utilities services.

Chairman of the Council of the Wood Housing Association of the Vologda region Sergey Shkakin shared the experience of implementing low-rise housing construction and wooden house building projects in the region.

Proposals made by the discussion participants were reflected in the final resolution of the conference.

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