Innovations in construction discussed at RosBuild 2019

05 / 04 / 2019

The round table on Use of Modern Heat and Water Proof Innovative Materials in Construction closed the event program of the Union of Designers of Russia at RosBuild 2019.

The round table was attended by leading manufacturers, researchers and developers of materials and technologies for the Russian construction sector, who presented unique developments enabling a considerable increase in labor productivity and better economic performance in construction.

Specialists' presentations focused on promotion of innovative materials and technologies on the Russian construction market.

Anatoly Dorofeev, Director of the Association of Architectural, Building and Utility Companies (ASKOM), pointed to the need of more widespread practical use of the accumulated scientific and technological potential. According to him, the target of 120 million sq. m. of housing per year set by the Housing and Urban Environment national project could be achieved by 2024 only by using innovations.

Yuri Shulzhenko, General Director of NPO Gidrol-Rufing research and production association, presented the new generation polymer roofing material developed by the company. According to him, Russia currently lacks an innovation promotion mechanism stimulating the use of advanced materials in new projects and designers’ interest in their utilization.

The national science can offer a fairly large number of inventions to the Russian construction sector, said Grigory Kondrashov, Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and Rector of the Business and Property Management Academy. He believes that it is necessary to improve the process of education, develop professional development programs for construction specialists, hold regular conferences, trainings and workshops on innovations in construction.

Proposals made by the round table participants will be summarized in the final resolution and forwarded to the Russian Ministry of Construction.


Press Service, Expocentre AO



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